Tree Thinning

Retain the canopy shape by proper tree thinning

Tree thinning, also known as drop-crotching is a process that involves complete removal of a branch that originates from the main stem. Aussie Arbor’s expert tree service does the tree thinning for you while retaining the overall shape of the tree. We can thin the entire canopy or just a portion of it as per the preference & need of our valued customers. Tree thinning maximizes light penetration and air movement which in turn stimulates interior foliage. Moreover, thinning on the top of a branch reduces the wind-sail effect and the air pressure on large limbs.

Objectives of tree thinning

– Thinning allows sunlight to penetrate to interior foliage that ensures healthy growth.

– Thinning minimizes the risk of several foliage diseases.

– More air can be passed through a properly thinned tree.

– Thinning improves the aesthetic of your property.

At Aussie Arbor, we exercise the industry best practice and technologically advanced equipment to perform tree thinning. Our certified arborists determine the percentage of live foliage and specify the branches to be thinned. We know any mistake in the thinning process may induce the production of vigorous water sprouts on interior limbs which are very harmful to trees’ health. That’s why our approach towards tree thinning is very scientific and environmentally friendly.

If you are looking for a local tree service in the Sydney metro area for tree thinning, Aussie Arbor will serve your purpose in a cost-effective way.

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