Stump Grinding

Turn your unwanted stumps into useful mulch

There is no reason to keep those dead tree stumps that are ruining the look of your yard. They are an eyesore and can host myriad of fungus and parasites—a silent threat to your property. Aussie Arbor provides prompt, professional and courteous stump grinding services in Sydney metro areas. We have certified arborists and knowledgeable team members who are specialized in stump grinding. Our different sized machines can get access to the most sturdy & difficult stumps.

Why is tree stump grinding the right solution?

–  It is fast & convenient compared to any other stump removal process.

–  Eliminating stumps will give you additional space on your property and reduce the possibility of insect infestations.

–  It is an environmentally friendly solution. You can plant another tree in the blank space if you wish.

–  It makes excellent mulch that actually improves your garden’s ecosystem.

When Aussie Arbor is on the job of stump removal it is a hassle-free & affordable process. We do a comprehensive job that starts with removing all types of debris from your property. Then our team members grind the stump 7-9” below ground with state-of-the-art machines. We also fill the void space by adding topsoil. Aussie Arbor’s tree stump grinding is safe, sensible and affordable without the needless mess & hazards to your landscape.

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