Golf courses

A comprehensive solution for golf course tree management

Aussie Arbor understands the interaction between the golf course and proper tree management. Our certified arborists will closely work with you to develop a sound plan for the best golf course tree management services around Sydney metro areas.

Finding the right tree management service for a golf course is tricky. Planning a golf course is a large undertaking and placing trees strategically over the course is a tough ask. Moreover, the architecture of your golf course determines tree density & the type of trees that should be planted. That is why you would want the help of a professional golf course tree management service provider.

Here is how we can help

Aussie Arbor’s specialists will select the right trees for your course along with the relocation or replacement of specific trees. We present a strategic tree plantation and tree removal plan to our clients for the entire golf course. Our professionals also enhance the turf quality through root pruning and improve the sight lines by canopy reduction. Our integrated pest management service comes handy for controlling invasive species in your course.

We know what’s important to improve the overall experience of your golfers. As we have operational efficiency, we can guarantee budget stability as well. If you have any questions regarding golf course tree management or to start the process simply contact us at your convenience.

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